Monday, August 10, 2020

Loco and tender transfers for Stroudley Passenger Lining, in 7mm scale presently

 I have been drawing more Transfers for the last week.

For the loco lining, I am doing each loco separately at the moment with a few spare bits on each sheet, going through all the EB Models offerings and some others I need also. So far I have the G Class, D and E tank locos, Stroudley inside and outside frame tenders and Stroudley lining for the large Craven tender completed.

I am drawing over scans of etches so they are designed to fit.


The photos show the E1 back left, D1 back right and G to the front of the top photo and the bottom photo shows the Stroudley inside frame, large Craven tenders and Stroudley outside frame from left to right.

I have Richmond class, Belgravia class, 18/21 and Dieppe and Grosvenor scanned. The Richmond will include some extras to fit the B1 from Albion or it may be a completely different sheet depending on what I can fit on, and there will be an E4 and E5 that I still need to scan.

I will also do a Terrier and anything new so that they can be completed.

About a third of the names have now been sorted, and I will be doing them all and printing to order for those to go out with the lining. Same two layer application. I haven't printed any of those yet.

I will also be offering a 'finishing service' of lining, name and etched number/work plates, when the etchers have got back to their normal two to three week turnaround rather than the eight it is taking at the moment. 

I have not yet set any prices but am trying to keep it to something like £12 per loco or tender. I will also need to get the 4mm versions drawn up - I shall make the white and red lines a little thicker than scale thickness otherwise I don't think they will show at all. The white or red lines on the main loco body lining is 0.073mm thick in 7mm and can be seen okay but if that reduces to 4mm scale, the line will be only 0.042mm thick which is pushing the technology a bit too far I fear. I shall put some experiments up on here to see what others think.

Comments always welcome.

Cheers, Ian

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