Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Stroudley Carriages

Well I have been building test etches of a couple of Stroudley Carriages. The Dia 40 1st Brake with 4 wheels and an early saloon, the 6 wheeled Dia 18. These are the first Stroudley vehicles I have redrawn from 4 to 7mm and they are looking okay. I think I need to reposition the lower lamp irons onto the bufferbeams though. These are both Westinghouse braked but I included the wooden brake blocks that the early Brake 3rds carried and so the underframe will work for that as well.

So, I need to make the roofs fit a bit better and then I am working on some casting masters so I should be able to sell complete kits in a few months time.
I have a Craven Type 9A to test build next and then I must get the Craven Type 12F 6 wheeler finished and send off for a test of that also.
Having competed the builds of the two Stroudley vehicles, I am happy with the underframes especially, so will be able to draw any other diagram I need so I will get on with some of those also.
Cheers, Ian