Sunday, August 31, 2008

I am now assembling a revised version of the 4mm 1864 Craven 1st as there were problems with my first attempt. It is the same as the 7mm version but smaller!

Then I have the bullion van to build the test etch of. The one that featured in the latest Brighton Circular. The etch looks okay, I'll post some news when it is assembled later this week. Picture of the van above.

The now completed assembly for the etchings. This is what you get from the etchings. Does anyone know of a source of castings for buffers, axleboxes and oil lamp tops in 7mm? Please email me as I would like to complete this now I have started it.
I had to solder some strips either side of the bearing slot in the W-iron to reduce its size, using some scrap etch. Remember this is a 4mm drawing blown up to 7mm without any changes! I will be able to incorporate changes in any future 7mm etchings that I get asked about as it is relatively easy to do this and makes assembly much easier. I have used the same method of suspension that Bill Bedford developed.
7mm Craven 1st of 1864

I have just finished assembling the first etch of this. Just a straight enlargement of the new 4mm drawing. A couple of issues arose because of differnet proportions of bearings in 4 and 7mm but I have worked around these. An interesting experience working in 7mm as I had not done this before!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

All kinds of things going on

Hi, all kinds of things are happening at the moment. Look here a lot to find out what!