Thursday, July 23, 2020

Carriage Transfers in 7mm, 4mm and 2mm scale and 4mm scale Springs for scratchbuilders

I have ben asked a few times over the years to provide an etch of 4mm scale springs that could be used by scratchbuilders. Well, I did draw them and get them etched and promptly forgot all about them.
Chris Cox reminded me last week and I found the etches underneath everything else!

There are two styles, I have called them Craven and Stroudley. Slightly different shapes.
Fives different sizes: 2'6", 3'0", 3'6", 3'9" and 4'0".
£24 the sheet incl postage. Only a couple available but I can get more if demand is high.

Carriage transfers:

I bought a laser printer and a white toner. This is a £200 printer, it doesn't have the position repeatability of a £12,500 machine so for the colours to show up on a dark background, the transfers are put on in two layers. A white layer under a coloured one. Waterslide.
White goes on first onto a gloss surface, and then the colour over the top after an intermediate thin coat of gloss varnish, with a final coat overall. It seems to be working but is twice the job.  takes you to Gary’s live stream a while back, look at 35 mins in to see the SECR carriage transfers using the same system on some I did for him.

This shows the 4mm SECR carriage transfers in the two sheets, white and coloured. £10 incl postage. Next to them is a 2mm scale SECR Carriage transfers sheet that was printed by Wessex Transfers at the same time as the Loco Umber ones. These are just one layer and work as they are. £8 incl postage.

The LB&SCR transfers for Carriages are shown next.

These show the Stroudley era transfers in 7mm and 4mm in the white and coloured layers. These are £10 for 7mm and £8 for 4mm both incl postage.

This shows the equivalent for Billinton. 7mm and 4mm. Priced the same as the Stroudley ones.

This final photo shows the 2mm scale LB&SCR Carriage and Wagon transfers. These were printed at the same time as the Umber loco transfers and are all one layer. £8 for the Carriage and £6 for the wagon sheets, both incl of postage.

I am still working on Stroudley loco lining, the names also. An update on the names should be soon.
Cheers for now,

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