Sunday, June 28, 2020

3D printed resin parts for the E B Models 7mm Stroudley rebuilds of Ex-Craven Singles 2-2-2 Dieppe Class

The following photo shows the other 3D parts I have been designing and printing recently. These are for the Stroudley rebuild of the 1864 Robert Stephenson Singles, page 110 of Bradley vol 1, known sometimes as the Dieppe class. Dieppe was different to the others in that the safety valves and levers were removed from the dome to the firebox, and also there were different front splashers, axleboxes on leading and trailing wheel and clack valves. I have tried to ensure that all the differences from Dieppe, shown in the well known photos of Drayton and Portsmouth,  are provided for in these 3D resin printed fittings.
If you think something is missing or needs changing, please do contact me and I will do my best to correct it.
The Dieppe parts are to the left of this photo and additional parts where necessary for the others are to the far right.

The Craven tender parts were already illustrated back in March along with the parts for Belgravia.
Thanks for looking,
Cheers, Ian

Other 3D printed resin parts for E B Models 7mm loco and tender etches

I have only managed the photos at the mo.

Richmond class loco first.

This shows the two types of brake cylinders, the smokebox lubricator, cab roof, backhead and left and right cab boxes with the reversing wheel and mechanism; as well as all the usual parts for  a Stroudley loco.

I have also been asked to do an E1 cab interior for someone, the front cab boxes were in his kit, I could add these if requested. £27 including postage.

For tenders, I have now completed both the inside frame and outside frame Stroudley tender parts. 

The Inside frame tender first, includes the coal door knob, the water valves that are in the coal space that need either the left or right hand lever removing, the water tap under the coal door,  the tank top oil boxes, the brake cylinder under the front footplate, the wood planking either side with the oil bottle and irons rest, the grab handles and the brakes that won't conduct electricity so can be placed very near the wheel tyres as well as all the usual parts.

The outside frame Stroudley tender has the dome either for Grosvenor or other locos, the water taps either side of the coal door, a brake column with a hole for a bent wire handle as well as the other parts.

If anyone can see anything missing from the sets please do contact me and I will add them.

I have also been seeing if a complete loco may be possible with an initial design here , but that will have to wait for a larger printer, but there is much going on in the background!

Cheers, Ian

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

EB Models sets of 7mm scale 3D resin prints for Locos

I have been working on completing 3D printed fittings kits for the existing 7mm etches in the E B Models range so that they can be sold as a complete set of etches, 3D printed fittings and instructions.

This is currently the case with the 4mm Slaughter Goods loco and tender.

The parts have been designed and printed and I am compiling these ready for sale.
I present the 3D prints for Stroudley's 18/21 tank engine first.

The above shows the 3D pictures from 3D design software and below is a photo of the 3D resin printed parts in the same orientation.

As I get others organised, I shall add them here. I have completed the design and printing for:
the Craven single Dieppe and others; Belgravia class; Richmond D3 class; the 18/21 tank as above; Craven tenders; Stroudley Outside frame tender; Stroudley Inside Frame tender.

I shall hopefully get these on here during the next couple of days.

All are available for purchase through  E B Models. The price will be as per the E B Models website which is currently £60 for a set for a loco, £50 for a set for a tender with a £5 reduction if the etches are ordered together with the fittings for a loco and tender. All plus postage. See the website for the latest prices, E B Models website.

Hope all are well and the modelling has been going well. Cheers Ian

Friday, May 15, 2020

Wheels for the 4mm Slaughter Goods

Just seen this in the last few days and a set arrived today. Just like Mike used to make!

Also, Phil has used a High Level Roadrunner+ gearbox with a D2 extender and a new style1015 motor.
Cheers Ian

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Getting ready for paint and transfers

Finally got around to filling the join in the boiler, fitted a couple of other small parts and designed the lining, numbers and cartouche for the transfer for the side sheet. Cheers Ian

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Accomodating 'finescale' wheels meant a complete rethink on the boiler!

The loco body is almost ready for paint but it has gone through many changes since last week! I started to realise that with a model, I could design in the necessary clearances for the closer together than scale wheels which necessitated creating a cut-out in the rear of the smokebox for the front splasher, and in the boiler side and the firebox front for the driving wheel splasher. I realised this would be easier if the boiler was also in resin so, in this 7mm model, I redrew it all and made it in two parts with the joint being mid-way, just under the dome in this photo. For the 4mm version, I will be able to print this all in one piece. I may also print the splasher top and have an inset etch for the front.
Anyway, starting to get the detail on all this and will need to think of paint soon! The twirly cartouch around the number also needs drawing and printing. Oh, lots to keep me going yet!!
Cheers, Ian

Sunday, April 12, 2020

On its wheels!

A bit of a battle with bearing hole sizes has ensued. When I designed it, I had bearings from Roxey which are 6.3mm outside diameter and now I have some from Markits that are 7mm! I only just left enough metal in the design to be able to accommodate these luckily as they aren't there in real life, just outside bearings which on the model are dummy ones. Anyway, it matches the tender for height so all going well. More soldering now and then a bit of cutting of boiler and firebox to accommodate 'finescale' wheels and then I can hopefully get the 3D parts glued on and put some paint on it. Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

With a boiler, it looks more like a loco!

153 continues, start of the loco body etc

Another day, another bit done!
So, I realised I needed to design and print a lot of parts for the loco before I could finish this, so that's what I have been doing, whilst starting to solder some parts together. Here are the front buffers and bufferbeam, smokebox, smokebox cylinder lubricator, weird thing at the rear of the chimney(anybody know what it might be?), the chimney, clack valves, dome, salter spring, axleboxes, springs, whistle, firebox with backhead, safety valve both inner and outer, the main part of the footplate and outside frames soldered together, the top of the motion plate soldered, then the front splasher, driving splasher, cab front and sidesheets. I have a boiler to roll also and managed to get the brackets to fit the cab front to and a couple of handwheels onto the firebox top as well as the sight glass, regulator handle, and firebox door etc onto the backhead all part of the same print. I have started the chassis also and am trying to get all the soldering sorted before gluing on all the prints. Oh, and a photo of what I am trying to make!
Cheers Ian