Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bufferbeam holes for buffers

I have been building some of my stock for the last couple of weeks and drawing up the Craven 6wheel 1st type 12F, more a bit later on when I have a test etch. I sat down this afternoon, after a bit of time in the garden as it is also calls, to fit the buffers to the7mm scale 20D Craven Passenger Brake Van. I etched the holes at 2.5mm and I am trying to fit some NMRS C007 Midland Std round head buffers to it as they look correct from photos. The shanks on these are 4mm diameter. So please check the diameters of buffers before starting to solder up anything, in any set of etches, and open them up whilst flat on the bench as it is considerably easier than if the whole thing is already made up! I used a rat tale file turned counterclockwise in the holes followed by a tapered reamer to get close, then finished off by filing properly with the rat tail file again. It would have been so much easier to drill them out whilst still a flat etch!
I have sent for a test etch, in 7mm, of the Craven type 9A, Stroudley Dia 18 6wheel saloon and Dia 40 4wheel one compartment 1st brake. I will post some photos when I have these and any other bits of things as I make progress, or not! etc.
Cheers, didn't March go quick!!!!
Ian in a sunny Blackpool

Friday, March 03, 2017

7mm Craven Type 9C 2nd Brake Luggage

7mm Type 9C Bk 2nd, etches only with instructions, as above,
(SERKits again for the castings) £55. £4 P&P extra.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Type 8B or 8D Carriage etches for 7mm

£55 for the 7mm etch plus £4 P&P as at March 2017.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

4mm Type 15 Instructions

I have changed the layout of the etches when reducing them for 4mm and there are a few differences between these instructions and the ones before for 7mm. The pdf of the photos of the build of the 7mm carriages will help when building in 4mm as they are almost identical. Clicking on the following images opens up larger versions.

£130 for the set of etches to make 5 carriages plus £5 P&P as at March 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Photos of the 4mm etches

The top photo shows two Type 15B 2nd Class that can also be Type 15C 1st class by providing extra lamp tops, and a Type 15F 3rd class above these (which I had just started to build when realised I needed this photo so I have already cut out 5 droplights from the top right of the etch). The second photo shows two Type 15J 4 compartment 3rd Brakes and then below this are the three different sides that can be used instead of the 15J sides to make other variants. From the left is the Type 15G sides for a Brake, coupe 3rd, full 3rd coupe 3rd, luggage carriage; then in the middle is Type 15H for a Brake, full 3rd, full 3rd, full 3rd, luggage carriage and then on the right is the type 15I with lantern brake and 3and a half passenger compartments. As in the previous post from today, this is what I am selling for the 4mm Type 15 carriages, these 5 carriages and the three sets of alternate sides for the brakes. All Carriages include clasp type brakes for when Westinghouse fitted or these can be left off and the early style would be just the wooden brake blocks on the brake carriages. The chassis are designed to be sprung, or can be soldered or glued without springing, and will accommodate P4, EM and OO wheelsets. Castings of buffers, axleboxes and lamp tops are needed to be sourced. There are etched screw type couplings provided on every carriage.

Kits/Etches for purchase

I am happy with most of the etching I have been building and am at the stage where I can let people purchase them if they wish.

Carriages so far.

4mm Type 20D Craven Passenger brake with birdcage and duckets full kit is ready at £54 incl P&P; I have 3 of these left. I can order more on an approx 4 week turnaround

I was asked to reduce the type 15 etches to 4mm and have done so. I am just test building the type 15F all 3rd etches, and will be building up the type 15B all 2nd or 1st in a few days. The type 15 GHI and J combinations of Brake 3rd, Brake 3rd luggage and brake 3rd with coupe 3rds and luggage etc. All will be ready. I haven’t got castings for these but Chris Cox has so I will sell these as etches only, with instructions, at £130 for two brakes (any choice of types), and one of each other class, 5 carriages in all plus the extra sides for all types of brake carriage. They have sprung suspension or can be fixed. They need buffers, axleboxes and lamp tops. P&P will be £5 per set. I have 2 sets left but can order more on an approx 4 week turnaround.

7mm Type 20D as above, etches only, £70. £4 for P&P.

7mm Type 15F all 3rd, Type 15B 2nd or 1st, Type 15J Bk 3rd,   etches only with instructions, (recommend SERkits for the axleboxes, buffers and lamp tops,) £55 each etch. Extra sides to make a 15G, type 15H or type 15I (using the type 15J carriage parts with these different sides) will be £15 a set for each type. P&P £4 extra, a carriage, up to a max of £9 if more than one bought.

7mm Type 9C Bk 2nd, etches only with instructions, (SERKits again for the castings) £55. £4 P&P extra.

7mm Type 8B or D 2nd (alternate sides supplied on one etch), (SERKits again for the castings) £55. £4 P&P extra.

7mm Type 13A 1st, I have one of these etches left at £45. £4 extra for P&P.

Postage of the carriages will be combined to a maximum of £9.
All postage costs quoted are for Spring 2017. If the cost of postage go up then so do mine. Cheers!

Contact via email: ianmaccormac@hotmail.com or phone 01253595580 before 9pm.

I am aiming to bring examples to the Blatchington Windmill meeting on 18th March. If people want to collect there I will try and bring them with me. I am travelling about 300 miles by train so may not be able to physically bring everything.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Up and Down photos

Well I have made up a Type 20D Birdcage Ducket passenger brake and here are some photos of it with a Dapol Terrier and the 4mm version. I have yet to sort out any castings for the 7mm version.
£70 for the 7mm etches, £54 for a full 4mm kit (includes the axlebox and buffer castings). £4 P&P either. Prices as at March 2017

Also, there is this photo showing a type 15I in 7mm against the G3 etches I have been asked to produce of a type 15G. I am astonished at the size this will be.

And another of the above. at 7mm scale.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Assembling the Type 15 carriages

Here is a link to a PDF showing how I have built three of the 7mm Type 15 carriages. I shall be adding to this to show how to build other types as I build them myself. Updated 1st March 2017

Click this for a link to the pdf

Use the following words to help make more sense of the pdf above. This is for 7mm.