Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The etches have arrived!

Received a nice parcel this lunchtime. Just looking through them now. Have made a few errors on the carriages but the loco and tender looks fine. I think the tinnitus stopped me checking things
as thoroughly as in the past hence a few silly errors. This is the loco body etches.
the tender body etches.
and this is the nickel silver chassis parts.

The Craven 1st has a
few errors and only one end! The Craven 2nd is better, I think this is all okay apart from the ventilators above the doors.
The Dia 51 Meat Van looks okay.
The Dia 49 Bullion Van has a couple of issues, it etched okay last time but needs some sorting this time. I don't understand why at present so will spend some time looking at any differences between the etch drawing a few years ago and this one.
There were also a couple of other bits, one was C2X brakes and springs for a member but there will be a couple spare.
So, that is what has been received. I had better try and get some completed before the AGM.

More later.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Progress at last but in a slightly different direction

Hi again!

I have been off work since May 2015. Unfortunately after the last post, I was ill again and then busy getting back to work and keeping the Brighton Circular magazine in production which has always taken a huge chunk of my available modelling time. Most enjoyable as it allows access to some marvellous sources, photography and people but it has never been an easy publication to put together.
As many of you may know, Klaus, the Editor, has also been ill and has had to stand down. I have very severe tinnitus and from May through to only a couple of weeks back, it was so intrusive as to severely interrupt my thoughts so much so that even connecting sentences has been difficult. My brain hurts!!! (Monty Python interlude)

I have had an MRI scan and the noise of that was still less than the tinnitus noise in my head! I am having therapy and am learning to concentrate again. In fact, my consultant expressed the use of a computer to draw things technically as a very good therapy as I can put autosave on, make copious paper notes or electronic ones, and gradually use it to extend my span of concentration. He suggested I start on a new project.

So where are we going with this?

Well, a Craven loco! I still haven't finished the Craven Goods but have a good idea now on what needs doing but in the meantime, the new project is 153/4, 1862 single which became Spithead and Southsea.
I have finished the etch drawings and they are at the etchers at the moment. I have drawn them for all 3 4mm gauges and I have also got a set ready for 7mm. The 4mm ones are at the etchers. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN A SET FOR 7MM PLEASE EMAIL ME. A ROUGH ESTIMATE OF £125 FOR THE 7MM ETCHES.
I am looking at getting parts cast in 4 and 7mm via Slaters. I had a chat with David White yesterday at Telford, my first trip out since May! The 7mm wheels would cost £69 for the complete loco and tender as the tender needs coach split spoke wheels. The loco and tender have been designed to be sprung or solid or a bit of both. It is the Craven version as pictured. The Stroudley rebuild needs an almost complete new loco body but that can be done as well, later.

I am also getting carriages etched. There is a Dia 51 Meat Van, a Dia 49 Bullion, a Craven 1st, No 204 and a Craven 2nd No 35. The latter two are as per those at the Bluebell and any profits go to the Craven Carriage Fund. These are being translated into 7mm as well as they would look lovely behind a Terrier! Yes I bought one!

I also have several other drawings ready for the etchers - the Craven 2nd type 8B, the Craven 1868 brake van with duckets and birdcage (although I may get the framing laser cut), Dia 23 and 24 Stroudley 2nd Saloons, a Dia 22 First saloon, a Dia 18 First saloon, a Dia 39 1st Coupe, and two I have to check with Mike Waldron about. The Dia 40 1st brakes and the Dia 42 Lav Compo, both of which have been shown as test etches on here and have been seen at the Brighton Circle AGM the year before last. I don't know if he has actually got these into production or not.

Then there is the early Pullman carriages to complete. Almost there. And I am looking at the matching carriages for the Craven 2nds, as per the Wimbledon photo of Merton. The second and third carriage are already completed.

So, hopefully, I will be keeping this going in a bid to get better with my health, and also to try and use the modelling to relax with as well.

Lastly, the Brighton Circle need help in the production of the magazine. Not difficult, just a bit time consuming. Done on Publisher and sent electronically as pdfs for printing. Let the secretary know if you can help please.

Do please express interest in the 7mm especially but let me know if anything whets your whistle. I will get etches done soon.