Saturday, January 28, 2017

Up and Down!

Well, as soon as I put the Type 15 etch photos up and showed the 2nd class test at the Brighton Circle AGM last October, I was asked to do them in 4mm.
As soon as I put the photos of the built 4mm Craven Birdcage & Ducket brake van up on here, I was asked to consider scaling this up to 7mm!!!
I have just completed the drawings for both of these as well as a Gauge 3 type 15G 3rd coupe luggage brake, so will be sending these off to the etchers on Monday. Watch this space!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Updating to Stroudley era

Just been looking at photos of Lewes second station, the Reeves ones, and noticed that this photo shows only an upper, full length footboard and a lamp on the top of the birdcage. I am going to alter this build to look like that and so don't have to file holes in the Craven era lower footboard, just cut it off and solder it in place at the bottom of the solebar instead.

Will post another photo when I have completed this.

Just about finished now as you can see; the roof isn't fixed on at all yet and I haven't cleaned any excess solder/muck off at the moment either. Just glued on the castings and made a longer upper footboard from scrap etch and soldered it over the old top footstep, added the couplings also.
Cleaning up, painting and fixing of roof still to do; probably when the weather improves for painting!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Craven Brake build photos

These are now available for £54 to include UK P&P. I will bring some with me to the Windmill meeting in March.

Photo of build without axlebox or buffer castings fitted.

Clicking this will get you to a pdf of the build photos.!AlDt3ODPVz-70jXc-s60dwFJNNH3