Thursday, December 21, 2017

Update on what is going on

If you have read the latest , brilliant LBSCR Modellers Digest 6 then you will have read that David Lowe and I have taken over running Exclusively Brighton Models from Mike Waldron. He stated a wish to retire from kit production as he retired himself, so that he could finish some and complete his layout. So, we both wanted to see the range continue and have therefore taken over the running of it.

Orders to me, David is rehashing the web pages and that will be updated soon.

I have been looking at making more available in 7mm scale and there will be further developments in the next few months.

I intend to keep this blog going to show what I am up to outside of EBM and hope to be posting some good news in the near future.

In the meantime, Mike still looks after the transfers from Italy, I have a limited stock of parts and we plan to order from the etchers approx. every three months and won't be actually keeping much in stock as such. The castings in 4mm will still be supplied by Chris Cox of 5&9 Models and there is a hope to start getting 7mm castings sorted out also.