Sunday, October 05, 2008

What the castings look like

This is a photo of the castings I am recommending in the instructions. The buffers look good, the oil lamps okay but I am not convinced yet by the axleboxes. Do any of you know a source of 7mm axleboxes?? Please let me know. The buffer pads are soldered up from parts provided in the etch. Right, I have been informed from Australia! that I have the wrong set of MetroCam axleboxes! There are 2 types, the CS33 is much nearer what is needed. I have shown the CS28 type, I have now ordered some more but the instructions say the wrong number! If you have bought an etch please order CS33!!!!!

I have been asked about roof fixing. This is my method that was shown to me by Alan Sibley on an industrial diesel, I think, in 4mm. A piece of scrap etch soldered just off the centre-line at the top of the ends. There are three clips, again from scrap etch, along the underside of the roof. Just slide the pre-curved roof into position ensuring the clips locate and slide over the lengthwise piece. It works for me. This, version 2, has bolt fixing holes for body to chassis locating.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Craven 1st Version 2

This is what I have been assembling since it arrived from the etchers yesterday.
This is the second version of the Craven 1st of 1864. This is 7mm and has all the corrections needed from the trial etch and can also be built in the later period as shown here with the continuous upper footboard, as well as the earlier version as shown previously and in the further part of this photo which is the carriage built from the original test etch with the upper and lower footboards.
Everything has worked very well and it is this version that is being sent out. I have some available if people are interested. Full instructions provided but you have to buy your own castings from Prestige and Keykits. I am also working on a card interior kit for this carriage. I'll hopefully get something posted this weekend.