Monday, August 24, 2020

Carriage Smoking transfers

 I will print two styles in 4mm and 7mm.

£5 per sheet for 4mm and £8 per sheet for 7mm. Postage to UK included.

and the photo below is of the actual transfer, I have reversed the whole thing so it can be put on the inside of the 'glass' as a transfer. Quite difficult to photograph! Cheers, Ian

Just tried applying some of these and because they are on the inside, I have also just put these onto a piece of clear plastic along with some other bits for the saloon carriage windows I drew at the same time, about a year ago, when I was trying to get things printed and failed. These are now printed with the Ghost white toner on the HP LaserjetPro M254dw that I purchased so as to be able to move things on. They seem to work nicely. I have used Microsol to bed them in a bit but didn't really see any difference from plain tap water.

The sheets above are 4mm, the examples on the clear plastic sheet are a mixture of 4mm and 7mm scale. The Smoking Carriage was used on the long window thirds of the Stroudley 4 wheelers in case anyone was wondering!

The ones at the bottom were when I learnt about the reversing of the print!
Cheers Ian

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