Saturday, May 29, 2010

I have started to design my first etched loco!
This is the Craven Slaughter Standard Goods as in the photo above.
I have just sent the first drawings to the etchers for a trial and hope to get the tests
back in week or so. I am thinking of showing what I'm doing on an RMWeb page as people have
asked me to do that.
It has taken a while to get this far but I have set myself some high standards to attain. I
have included all the under-boiler motion as a rigid unit that fits over the middle axle so there are no cranks actually on the axle etc as such but it looks like there are! It all seems to be okay on the drawings and in my mind so I am waiting with great anticipation for the nickel silver and brass to get to me so that I can see if ideas have worked!
I am now drawing up a similar loco which has a Cudworth coal burning firebox, 8 ft long! A lot of commonality between the two types so this should be quicker.
I have already said to a 7mm modeller that if someone will sponsor the photo tool, I will do the changes necessary for this to be made available in 7mm as well, as etchings only.
I am also working on a Sharp's early loco, as in the Barnam Junction photos. A 4 wheel tender for that and it will include some of the differences for the SER version. That will take another few months though.
Right now, I am trying to get the Summer Brighton Circular ready to be proof read but having had an eye operation recently, this is taking longer than usual.
Then there are masters for patterns for the loco and trying to get the Craven Brake Van and the Stroudley 2nd Saloon coach ready.
Hopefully a little shorter beteen postings when another one of these get done!
Ian in Blackpool