Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aha you say, parts of a loco at last!

This is a try of the inside motion to fit Mike Waldrons' C Class kit. This is an interesting area to look at and I may well try a few other locos if this turns out successfully. I only allowed for two slide bars but the eccentrics are good and the marine big end and little end of the crank shaft look good. I am also pleased with the detail that has come out in the motion bracket and the front and rear of the cylinder covers. More at another time.

Another shot of Alexandra showing the door end. The floor will be level with the bottom of the doorway. Three layers of etching on the windows to try to get the relief of the original car, and a bit of filing around the doorway to get the curve in to the door itself.

What do you think?

Early type Pullman with open veranda. This is a first attempt at getting the body correct for Alexandra, one of the very early ones!The card is a tryout for part of the roof. I am continuing to work on this as it looks okay so far! Do you like the desktop picture?

The Dia 17/32 Royal Saloon. This was built in 1877 and numbered 510. It was withdrawn in 1925. I tried to etch the double curve of the roof ends but this was not to be so I will include a diagram and recommend eitheraplasticard roof or a piece of balsa as I have here. This test etch has also worked well. The cleminson type 6 wheel underframe is similar to that designed by Dave at Roxey Mouldings whose permission was ontained before using the system. It works very well and will 'wizz' around my localScalefour area group track.

This is the diagram 42/84 6 wheel Lav Compo of 1882. The carriages - there were 2 of them - lasted until 1918 or 1920 in use and then one of them, no. 272, became a 'lobby' at Norwood. This again is a test etch built upto check whether it worked! I'll actually be getting around to getting castings and selling kits soon!