Sunday, June 28, 2020

3D printed resin parts for the E B Models 7mm Stroudley rebuilds of Ex-Craven Singles 2-2-2 Dieppe Class

The following photo shows the other 3D parts I have been designing and printing recently. These are for the Stroudley rebuild of the 1864 Robert Stephenson Singles, page 110 of Bradley vol 1, known sometimes as the Dieppe class. Dieppe was different to the others in that the safety valves and levers were removed from the dome to the firebox, and also there were different front splashers, axleboxes on leading and trailing wheel and clack valves. I have tried to ensure that all the differences from Dieppe, shown in the well known photos of Drayton and Portsmouth,  are provided for in these 3D resin printed fittings.
If you think something is missing or needs changing, please do contact me and I will do my best to correct it.
The Dieppe parts are to the left of this photo and additional parts where necessary for the others are to the far right.

The Craven tender parts were already illustrated back in March along with the parts for Belgravia.
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Eric said...

I think there was also some swapping of boilers. When I built Dieppe, the photos showed a 3 ring boiler, whereas some of the others clearly had 4. (I am assuming that the boiler bands correspond to the joins.) I can only assume that there were some interchangeable Brighton built boilers somewhere along the line.
Best wishes