Sunday, June 28, 2020

Other 3D printed resin parts for E B Models 7mm loco and tender etches

I have only managed the photos at the mo.

Richmond class loco first.

This shows the two types of brake cylinders, the smokebox lubricator, cab roof, backhead and left and right cab boxes with the reversing wheel and mechanism; as well as all the usual parts for  a Stroudley loco.

I have also been asked to do an E1 cab interior for someone, the front cab boxes were in his kit, I could add these if requested. £27 including postage.

For tenders, I have now completed both the inside frame and outside frame Stroudley tender parts. 

The Inside frame tender first, includes the coal door knob, the water valves that are in the coal space that need either the left or right hand lever removing, the water tap under the coal door,  the tank top oil boxes, the brake cylinder under the front footplate, the wood planking either side with the oil bottle and irons rest, the grab handles and the brakes that won't conduct electricity so can be placed very near the wheel tyres as well as all the usual parts.

The outside frame Stroudley tender has the dome either for Grosvenor or other locos, the water taps either side of the coal door, a brake column with a hole for a bent wire handle as well as the other parts.

If anyone can see anything missing from the sets please do contact me and I will add them.

I have also been seeing if a complete loco may be possible with an initial design here , but that will have to wait for a larger printer, but there is much going on in the background!

Cheers, Ian

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