Thursday, April 23, 2020

Accomodating 'finescale' wheels meant a complete rethink on the boiler!

The loco body is almost ready for paint but it has gone through many changes since last week! I started to realise that with a model, I could design in the necessary clearances for the closer together than scale wheels which necessitated creating a cut-out in the rear of the smokebox for the front splasher, and in the boiler side and the firebox front for the driving wheel splasher. I realised this would be easier if the boiler was also in resin so, in this 7mm model, I redrew it all and made it in two parts with the joint being mid-way, just under the dome in this photo. For the 4mm version, I will be able to print this all in one piece. I may also print the splasher top and have an inset etch for the front.
Anyway, starting to get the detail on all this and will need to think of paint soon! The twirly cartouch around the number also needs drawing and printing. Oh, lots to keep me going yet!!
Cheers, Ian

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Unknown said...

Great job on the Craven single, Ian. You have just found why these early models are better built in S7, though that is not for everyone, of course. Will this loco be available as a kit at some point in 7mm, as well as the Slaughter goods?
Always enjoy your blogs,
Best Wishes,