Saturday, April 11, 2020

153 continues, start of the loco body etc

Another day, another bit done!
So, I realised I needed to design and print a lot of parts for the loco before I could finish this, so that's what I have been doing, whilst starting to solder some parts together. Here are the front buffers and bufferbeam, smokebox, smokebox cylinder lubricator, weird thing at the rear of the chimney(anybody know what it might be?), the chimney, clack valves, dome, salter spring, axleboxes, springs, whistle, firebox with backhead, safety valve both inner and outer, the main part of the footplate and outside frames soldered together, the top of the motion plate soldered, then the front splasher, driving splasher, cab front and sidesheets. I have a boiler to roll also and managed to get the brackets to fit the cab front to and a couple of handwheels onto the firebox top as well as the sight glass, regulator handle, and firebox door etc onto the backhead all part of the same print. I have started the chassis also and am trying to get all the soldering sorted before gluing on all the prints. Oh, and a photo of what I am trying to make!
Cheers Ian

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