Sunday, April 05, 2020

153 next and trying to get other bits completed ready for paint.

Well, with a bit of extra time on my hands, I have started the 7mm test etch assembly for Cravens 153. Page 71 of Bradley Vol 1 if you want to take a gander.
I didn't manage to get the 7mm Slaughter Goods to the etchers so I am doing what I do have.
3D printing is also just for my bits at the mo as I am almost out of IPA to clean the resin prints with, wish it was the beer as I can still get that!
So I drew the tender parts in 3D after assembling the etched parts I will include in the revision of the etches.
I also added the 3D resin parts to some type 8 and 9 carriages
Now I need to think about their interiors then paint and finish with transfers which I have printed using the new laser printer and some decal paper. Simon has reported back on the first set I printed for Blatchington and he has used them okay.
So then I spent the day designing the smokebox with all its rivet heads! That took a bit of head scratching to get them on the wrapper but now sorted. Also, the chimney base is quite a crude style, a flat part curved around the smokebox wrapper with a nice shape coming out! Why do I pick these difficult things!
Anyway, rather a bit more to do so will get on with it! Bye for now!

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