Monday, October 07, 2019

Craven Goods castings

This photo shows the castings that I have finally got printed on the resin printer, ready for the Craven Slaughter Goods model.
This shows for the Loco: 
Chimney - original
Chimney - Stroudley style
Safety Valve - original style
Safety Valve - boxed in style
Springs - early
Springs - late
Clack Valves
Smokebox side lubricator - small
Smokebox side lubricator - long
Safety Valve Spring columns
Smokebox Door
Smokebox door dart
Cylinder Cover Plate/frames
Sandboxes on footplate
Pipework unions after clack valves
Injector pipework 4 way union ashpan side
Outside Cranks
Smokebox unit
Firebox unit
Buffer beam
Reversing lever/unit
Smokebox damper control
Boiler level sight glass
and for the tender:

Springs - early
Springs - late
Wooden brake blocks
Brake handle
Water filler
Tank Top Tool boxes
Sandbox lids
Rear buffer beam
Front buffer/damper
Underfoorplate water connector
Tender front toolboxes
Tender rear toolbox
It has taken me far longer to draw all these and then get them printed on the 3D printer with a resolution of 0.002mm so I may not have a finished demonstration model at the AGM.
Cheers Ian

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Unknown said...

Hi Ian.
Looking good so far. Just one question. Are the outside crank's strong enough in this plastic ?

See you saturday.


Alan Woodard.