Thursday, October 24, 2019

Craven Slaughter Goods available mid November

I have heard back from the etchers today that the Craven Slaughter Goods etches will be me about 7th November so I should have them packaged and ready to go to people by mid November. They will comprise of the etches, the resin castings and the instructions. I am not going to send bearings, handrail knobs or wire with the kits as I am trying to simplify operations somewhat and also trying to keep the costs down and ease the cashflow at this end.

Variations supplied are for the chimney, safety valve casing, cab extra side sheets as well as the footplate sandboxes at the front and I will supply two sizes of splashers for scale or OO/EM flanges. Also different combinations of tender toolboxes and springs.

The photo a couple of posts below shows the resin castings parts and the cab will also be supplied this way but is also on the body etch. As seen at the Brighton Circle AGM.

By getting rid of a lot of the brass and nickel silver etches and replacing them with the resin parts - the firebox, smokebox, springs etc - I have been able to keep the price to a what I consider reasonable one of £100. This will still need you to purchase wheels, motor and gearbox, paint etc but also you will have to supply the type of bearings you want to use and the wire for the handrails.

Wheels are 5 foot outside crank for the loco and 4 foot for the tender. The chassis are designed to use standard top hat bearings for one eight of an inch or two millimetres as appropriate and there are cut out ready to accept the standard hornblocks for those who wish to use them. There are also compensation beams included on the etches. I designed this for a small Mashima motor and a High Level gearbox driving the rear wheels. I will look into the current availability and post my recommendations on here soon.

I have been asked about the outside cranks, which are Resin castings to fit one eight inch axles and use Alan Gibson crankpins. I know some people have used this system well but others are taking the approach of either buying Alan Gibson or Markits versions. The Alan Gibson ones can easily be altered to the correct shape, I haven't used the Markits ones so cannot comment.

A drop in inside motion casting is being developed and will be available next year.

The kits will be supplied in an A4 sized, 1cm thick postage box that I can send as a large letter.

I will be able to supply either Craven or Stroudley numberplates for an extra £4 if bought with the kit.

Reservations now being accepted.


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