Sunday, April 21, 2019

3d printing while looking at a stream!

Just looking at Gary building one of Linnys kits at
Excellent quality and able to interact through text 'chats'. So here are some pics of the bits I was UV curing whilst listening!

Some bevel gears for Type 15 brake vans in G3 and 7mm but have some in 4mm but very small!
The other is 4mm bungs for oil lamps - trying a print at 0.002mm resolution to see if the handles would come out in 4mm scale! Only just! The wheel insert is for Mike Waldron as he is doing something that needs a 4' split spoke wheel centre. Slowly getting the hang of the 3D software!
And here is a photo of some other bits - door vents, Craven carriage bits, Pullman bogie sides in 4 and 7mm. Lots more going on, really enjoying the 3d work!

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