Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well this is the last for tonight!
The Diagram 40 1st brake with one compartment. I have also done the artwork for the two compartment version as well as the later style brakes. It is the first time I have attempted an end ducket and I have used the guards seat to try to locate the end better than in other offerings. It seems to have gone together well so far.
The underframe is sprung, as is all the work recently as this has been seen to give a far superior ride on my local layout. I am also looking at offering other Stroudley carriages with the 26 foot underframe as I have designed them all now and they are 'clean' with no dangly bits hanging down or blocking the view through the open spokes of the brake vehicles! I have always been a bit horrified by the underframes I have on other coaches as the view when on an embankment or simply with a low eye level has not been convincing. I tried a few years back using masokits springs and filing the w-iron and soldering a few spring retainers about the place but it was all a bit too 'fussy.' This is relatively clean and open from all viewing angles.
The brakes and rodding are all on the etch and have worked well in P4. I must get some OO wheels and try them for size??
I also etched the large steering wheel type brake handle for the guard and its pillar so you will see these in a week or two as I get on with making up the rest of this test etch. Bye for now!


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