Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A bit more news!
At last the work has diminished during the day job and I can get back to some modelling. I should now be staying in the UK for most of this year so will hopefully get some of the instructions written and castings cast, kits boxed up and selling commenced!
I have been busy in the last month and have completed test building a sprung 6 wheel cleminson type adjustable wheelbase underframe, am almost finished test building a Stroudley 1st Coupe and have just finished etch drawings for two types of Craven 1st class coach - an 18'8" and a 19'6" version. I am also working on the one and two compartment versions of the Stroudley brake 1st 4 wheelers. Simon Turner has been feeding me with many photos and drawings and so I have been doing these.
I do enjoy the actual artwork drawing part of this almost as much as the eventual making of the etches. Since Eric passed his casting machine to me early in 2007 I have also managed to get that working and so have started to produce the castings for the Stroudley Bogie 1st which is what got me started on all this etching lark a few years ago! You may have seen the original test etch of that at Scalefourum or the Brighton Circle AGM a few years ago!
It will be available soon!
Right back to the diagram 40!
Bye for now and a Happy 2008!


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