Saturday, January 26, 2008

6 wheel adjustable wheelbase coach chassis

This is something I had forgotten to show on the blog.

When I first made up a Roxey 6 wheel 1st I was impressed by the simplicity of the compensation system. It worked very well and the coaches would whizz around a 30 to 40 foot run on the local S4 area group layout of Preston. I therefore looked around to use something similar when building Andy Mullins, Peter Binsteads and MARC Models 6 wheelers. The only thing I could find was the Brassmasters system.

I bought one and it works very well. The thing I didn't like about it were the shape of the w-irons and all the gubbins that hangs down from the central axle area.

I spoke to Dave at Roxey and asked if I could develop his idea and he said go ahead! I did and came up with an adjustable system that is very similar and keeps the area clear.

However, recently I have been designing all my stock to have springing as the ride quality seems to be better. I therefore adapted this system, again, to be sprung.

You can see these three side by side in the following picture.

So the following three pictures show what they look like when placed under the MARC Models Pullman Pup. Top is the Brassmasters, then my compensated and then the sprung one.

As you can see, there is less clutter showing. My layout (in a very embrionic stage at the mo) has a lot of sighting of stock on an embankment, so this is important to me. It might seem to others that I'm just being very fussy!
The etches will be available shortly at six pounds fifty pence a go including post and packing if there is anyone interested.
Back to the Bullion Van now!


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