Sunday, November 04, 2018

An Update November 2018 - part 1

Hi All, some long overdue updates over the next couple of days:

I have been very busy on all kinds of railway related matters as well as satisfying the E.B.Models orders. It has taken quite a time to get everything for that range organised in a manner which means we can see the realistic costs of each item, the good news is that, at present, all prices are remaining the same as before, some of the signalling parts are even being reduced a bit.
So, I shall try and organise this into sections and see where we are for each.

This is a low resolution phone image to give you an idea about what is on the now available 4mm scale sheet. It has been professionally printed in Tasmania by Wessex Transfers, is of the waterslide type with very little, if any, excess carrier film. Reports from those using these are excellent. £20 which includes postage. Cheques made payable to Ian MacCormac to the address on the E.B.Models website (see front page link by clicking on ianmaccormacmodels name at top), paypal or bank transfer details obtainable by email to

The 7mm scale sheet is also still available for £25 inclusive of postage. Image on E.B. Models website already.

I am currently drawing lining and lettering for Stroudley Passenger livery transfers in 4mm and 7mm. I shall make these available sometime in 2019. 
The photo shows a low resolution version of 7mm letters at top, 4mm letter at bottom with 7mm lining to the right. I have been using the outlines generated from the etching artwork to ensure I get correct sizes for panels etc. Centre right, to the right of the bufferbeam panel, with all it's colours, is the D tank front splasher using an Albion kit for the size. Below it is for Richmond using E.B.Models as also is the cab side and splasher in yellow. These will again be printed in Tasmania by Wessex as they need white. More when I have something finalised to show in a few months.


At the recent Brighton Circle AGM, I had managed to get several new 4mm complete kits ready for sale. Namely:
Stroudley 6 wheel 1st Coupe to Dia 38; 
Stroudley 6 wheel 1st Saloon to Dia 18;

 Stroudley 4 wheel 2nd Saloon to Dia 23;

 Stroudley 4 wheel Early 1st to Dia 30, 

Stroudley 4 wheel Early Composite to Dia 31; 

Stroudley 4 wheel Early 2nd to Dia 32; 

Stroudley 4 wheel Early 3rd to Dia 33; 

Stroudley 4 wheel Early 3rd Brake to Dia 34; 

Stroudley/Biilinton 4 wheel Early Meat Van to Dia 51/225.

All the above have sprung underframes, using Bill Bedford's guitar wire springing method. The Early 4 wheelers come with a common underframe etch which allows for close coupling or normal buffers; Westinghouse iron brakes or none, the 3rd brake has wooden brake blocks and rigging associated with it or iron Westinghouse brakes. The 3rds have the long lights.

This is very close to release. It is the early (1875) version, Plan 45, with the open end veranda that ran either singly or in pairs, having buffers at each end. 6'6" or 8' bogies are included so Mars, Jupiter, Alexandra and Albert Edward will be able to be built, these lasting in this state until approx. 1901. There has been a slight set back in that I suffered a burglary recently that has resulted in the production etch I was assembling for instructions being stood on and the casting masters I was working on likewise. I will be starting again on both soon and still hope to have these ready by the Windmill meeting date of the Brighton Circle in March 2019.
The 1881 Pullman Limited will also be able to be modelled as I have completed the etch drawings for Maud and Louise, which ran with Alexandra and Albert Edward, from 5th December 1881. This was the first electrically lit train having banks of Faure accumulators in the brake areas of the two end cars. The four cars were centre coupled and I will provide modification parts for this.
The plan is to then design the etches for the narrow vestibule cars and the early Pullman Pup as well as some others types.
I have to await a replacement camera before I can restart these, soon I hope!
Right, enough for now, more in part 2.
The Dia 54 CCT is also available for £32.


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Hello Ian,
I'm a keen LBSC modeller and would be extremely interested in purchasing some of your 4mm LBSC Passenger engine transfers if you have them at hand? Are you still making them?
Kind regards,

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