Monday, November 05, 2018

A November 2018 Update part 2

At the recent Brighton Circle AGM, Nicholas Pryor brought along his made up examples of the 4mm Type 15 Craven carriages and the Type 20D Brake Van built by Ian Willets and painted by Dave Studley. I was really please with how these have turned out and it has spurred me on to try and get a train of 7mm examples finished for the Windmill meeting next March.
All of these are still available - £30 each for the etches only of the type 15 carriages - I have a few separates. £130 for a set of 5 as below. The other types of 3rd brake that can be built from the etches are the 15I and 15H. The Type 20D brake van with the birdcage and ducket is also still available as a complete kit for £55.
15B First
15C 2nd
15F 3rd
15G Coupe 3rd Luggage Brake
15J 4 compt 3rd Brake
Type 20D Brake

I also had the next 7mm carriage etches with me. They are the Stroudley 6 wheel Dia 18 1st Saloon, the 4 wheel Dia 23 2nd Saloon, the 4 wheel Dia 33 Early 3rd with long lights, the 4 wheel Dia 34 Early Brake 3rd with the long lights, the 4 wheel Dia 30 Early 1st, the 4 wheel Dia 32 Early 2nd and the 6 wheel Early 1st. These are all on sprung underframes the same as the 4mm versions with the centre coupling as an option. Etches only at present. They will be released as full kits with castings early in the new year. Also the Dia 51 Meat Van test etch has been assembled -  a couple of minor changes needed to that before the production etch is ready. Photo of Dapol Terrier with the test.
The 4mm numberplates have been restocked and I also now have all the Terriers plates in 7mm. £3 a set for 4mm and £4.50 a set in 7mm, I will put photos up as soon as a replacement camera turns up. Well a new phone has so this will have to do for now. 7mm scale showing.
As you can see, I am making models of not just Terriers!

Okay, that is it until I get the Pullman being test built again with a camera to record progress. Hopefully not too long!

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