Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Crowdfunding for 4mm versions??

I have been asked for 4mm versions of the Stroudley Diagram 18, 23 and 33. I have an order for one off the 18 and 23 and two off the 33. Would anyone else who wishes copies of these to be made available in 4mm please contact me and offer to spread the cost of the photo tooling. I personally do not want 4mm versions of these so will only redraw and make these available if there is enough interest and funding. The approx. costs of the tooling for one sheet with Dia 23 and 18 on and another sheet with two copies of Dia 33 are in the region of £100 for the two with about £25 per sheet for the brass. If 4 people came forward and shared the phototooling it would be about £75 each and you would get 4 carriage etches for that money. If 3 people - £83 each, if 5 people - £70 each.
Please let me know by the end of June 2017 (or after the next Digest/Modelling Notes and Circular, whichever is the later) and I will move this to fruition.
Many thanks, Ian

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