Saturday, May 13, 2017

Craven 6 wheeler Type 12F

This is one of the carriages I have always liked the look of and wanted to make a model of. I have completed the trial etch as an early example with upper stepboard and lower footboard but it will also be possible to make it with a continuous upper stepboard if representing a later period.
I haven't quite got the underframe correct on this test but I think it looks nice anyway and will make a couple of changes and then it will be ready.

The roof is only balanced on and I have made four plasticard compartment dividers and just placed them inside for the photo. I will get on with masters for the axleboxes and buffers now.
Whilst building this I discovered that the drawing I was looking at was incorrect as it showed a lower footboard support in the position where the middle axlebox would be - is this archeological re-enactment? The safety chains look better when another carriage is joined in a train, especially from a side view. See this view of a part completed Dia 33 that I am just building next.

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