Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Photos of the 4mm etches

The top photo shows two Type 15B 2nd Class that can also be Type 15C 1st class by providing extra lamp tops, and a Type 15F 3rd class above these (which I had just started to build when realised I needed this photo so I have already cut out 5 droplights from the top right of the etch). The second photo shows two Type 15J 4 compartment 3rd Brakes and then below this are the three different sides that can be used instead of the 15J sides to make other variants. From the left is the Type 15G sides for a Brake, coupe 3rd, full 3rd coupe 3rd, luggage carriage; then in the middle is Type 15H for a Brake, full 3rd, full 3rd, full 3rd, luggage carriage and then on the right is the type 15I with lantern brake and 3and a half passenger compartments. As in the previous post from today, this is what I am selling for the 4mm Type 15 carriages, these 5 carriages and the three sets of alternate sides for the brakes. All Carriages include clasp type brakes for when Westinghouse fitted or these can be left off and the early style would be just the wooden brake blocks on the brake carriages. The chassis are designed to be sprung, or can be soldered or glued without springing, and will accommodate P4, EM and OO wheelsets. Castings of buffers, axleboxes and lamp tops are needed to be sourced. There are etched screw type couplings provided on every carriage.


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