Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kits/Etches for purchase

I am happy with most of the etching I have been building and am at the stage where I can let people purchase them if they wish.

Carriages so far.

4mm Type 20D Craven Passenger brake with birdcage and duckets full kit is ready at £54 incl P&P; I have 3 of these left. I can order more on an approx 4 week turnaround

I was asked to reduce the type 15 etches to 4mm and have done so. I am just test building the type 15F all 3rd etches, and will be building up the type 15B all 2nd or 1st in a few days. The type 15 GHI and J combinations of Brake 3rd, Brake 3rd luggage and brake 3rd with coupe 3rds and luggage etc. All will be ready. I haven’t got castings for these but Chris Cox has so I will sell these as etches only, with instructions, at £130 for two brakes (any choice of types), and one of each other class, 5 carriages in all plus the extra sides for all types of brake carriage. They have sprung suspension or can be fixed. They need buffers, axleboxes and lamp tops. P&P will be £5 per set. I have 2 sets left but can order more on an approx 4 week turnaround.

7mm Type 20D as above, etches only, £70. £4 for P&P.

7mm Type 15F all 3rd, Type 15B 2nd or 1st, Type 15J Bk 3rd,   etches only with instructions, (recommend SERkits for the axleboxes, buffers and lamp tops,) £55 each etch. Extra sides to make a 15G, type 15H or type 15I (using the type 15J carriage parts with these different sides) will be £15 a set for each type. P&P £4 extra, a carriage, up to a max of £9 if more than one bought.

7mm Type 9C Bk 2nd, etches only with instructions, (SERKits again for the castings) £55. £4 P&P extra.

7mm Type 8B or D 2nd (alternate sides supplied on one etch), (SERKits again for the castings) £55. £4 P&P extra.

7mm Type 13A 1st, I have one of these etches left at £45. £4 extra for P&P.

Postage of the carriages will be combined to a maximum of £9.
All postage costs quoted are for Spring 2017. If the cost of postage go up then so do mine. Cheers!

Contact via email: ianmaccormac@hotmail.com or phone 01253595580 before 9pm.

I am aiming to bring examples to the Blatchington Windmill meeting on 18th March. If people want to collect there I will try and bring them with me. I am travelling about 300 miles by train so may not be able to physically bring everything.


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