Friday, September 23, 2016

Starting to gather steam, at last!

As ever, I thought I would get so much completed and then failed miserably!
I hadn't realised just how ill I had become.
I was forced to retire early on medical grounds last March and have been steadily trying to get better ever since. I have tried Mindfullness courses that have helped a bit and had some hearing aids with special white noise generators built into them fitted. They have made a big difference but it wasn't until in the summer, on a beach, trying to take them out and go swimming, when I realised how much I now rely on them.
Anyway, modelling. The etches from last year have been made up as much as I could - still just finishing the loco. They needed a bit of tweaking as I said when I saw the brass. I spent some time recently feeling better so have started on this task.

The pictures show the Type 8D, a Craven 2nd at 4mm scale. A bluebell survivor albeit in bits at the moment. This is the third carriage from Merton at Wimbledon in the 1870s in the photo on page 111 of Vol 1 of the fabulous White, Turner & Foulkes books on LB&SCR Carriages.
I have a few minor corrections then this will be etched to order, expressions of interest please.

Mike Waldron has been so patient waiting for the Craven Brake Van with Birdcage and Ducket so that will be next. Again, I tested this about 8 years ago (!!!!) and it just needs to have the body to underframe join sorted out and the position of the birdcage sorted out so the top fold over from the sides can be removed where this occurs.
This is the one I am referring to. It will be slightly more expensive that other carriages as there are four layers of etch to build up the framing and so it is almost a full A4 size etch.

I have also found the 6 wheel underframe I worked on. Some of you have asked for these. I will get some etched to order.
I think I changed the brakes to be more slender and may have also given it springing. I will look out the drawings.

There are various other completed etches that I can order: Dia 18 saloon, Dia 38 1st Coupe, Dia 23 and 24 the 2nd saloons, Bullion van. There were others but those have already been etched now.

In 7mm, I have sent off for some more copies of the Type 13A Craven 1st. They will be available at the AGM for £36 each. Postage extra if not collected at the AGM.  I shall have 6 spare to sell then unless people reserve them first? They are at the etchers now as well as a couple in Gauge 3 which seem huge!

I will try and progress the locos and other etches a bit by then also.

Well I will bring things to the AGM as I have the rail ticket already bought this year and hope to see you there. I will try and update some more before then.

Many thanks for your continued support, I have needed it!
Cheers, Ian


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