Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The etches have arrived!

Received a nice parcel this lunchtime. Just looking through them now. Have made a few errors on the carriages but the loco and tender looks fine. I think the tinnitus stopped me checking things
as thoroughly as in the past hence a few silly errors. This is the loco body etches.
the tender body etches.
and this is the nickel silver chassis parts.

The Craven 1st has a
few errors and only one end! The Craven 2nd is better, I think this is all okay apart from the ventilators above the doors.
The Dia 51 Meat Van looks okay.
The Dia 49 Bullion Van has a couple of issues, it etched okay last time but needs some sorting this time. I don't understand why at present so will spend some time looking at any differences between the etch drawing a few years ago and this one.
There were also a couple of other bits, one was C2X brakes and springs for a member but there will be a couple spare.
So, that is what has been received. I had better try and get some completed before the AGM.

More later.


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