Monday, April 30, 2012

Started making up the test etch at last!

Hi again, after another few months where I haven't been able to get anywhere near my workbench.
I have found that, mostly, things have gone together okay. Very pleased with the firebox front and the cab suround.  There are a few problems - the wrapper for the smoebox, boiler and firebox are a couple of mm short! The inside motion doesn't really work with the hornblocks I have fitted so looking for some thinner ones and the holes for the coupling rods and the outside cranks are slightly too large.
I forgot to make an allowance for joining the body to the chassis!

I am off work with something that makes me keep falling asleep at the moment so am trying to do something when I can! My boss said go and make a train so I am trying!

Cheers for now, hopwfully some progress in the next couple of days or so!


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