Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This shows some of the parts for the fully able to be modelled brake gear.

This is showing the tender with some parts - like the tender front just placed on - the folded up tender outside frames.

This view is looking into the coal space showing the curver sandboxes at the front of the tender. Filler caps fit over the holes in the top part yet to be added.

This shows a general view of most of the parts of the tender. Bottom left are the side overlays and the angle iron joining strip to go at the top under the footplate. Tender top toolbox parts are shown but there will also be two other options - one at the rear on the footplate and two on the front of the footplate by the handrails.

And this is a close up of parts for the tender chassis. Fixed, compensated or CSB is catered for without cutting but the usual 6 x 4 mm cutouts can also be done.

I have a lot to play about with and am learning to use my lathe and milling machine to produce parts for masters for casting but I may be asking people to help with this for a reduction in price of the kit or a free one! Any offers as it will take me ages at the rate I am able to work at these things!

More in a few days once my eye has settled and I can get back to my workbench!


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Nice; who's doing your etching?

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