Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Sale

7mm Craven 1st etches available now. The original drawing has been modified as shown above. I have added a high footboard for Stroudley period, end lamp irons, foot steps, made the holes for the bearings the correct size for 7mm, made the door hinges protrude slightly more, got rid of some slots along folds in the chassis that showed and provided a perforated strip to make up your own oil lamp enclosures if you feel that way! The initial order has been satisfied. Any other people wanting one of these, the cost will be £45 per etch plus postage, per etch.
The photos earlier are of the initial trial. What you would get would be a copy of the above.

I am slowly getting a list of where to get appropriate castings for this.

There has been enough interest in this, and some people kindly sponsored the 7mm trial, so as I get 4mm kits ready, which they are almost now, at long last, I will make a 7mm version available as well.

4mm kits - again the Craven 1st will be ready by the end of September.
As a set of etchings for £30, I can supply castings as well but I think Chris Cox's are better.

The Bullion van has worked out well, so this is available with all castings at £25 plus postage.

The Stroudley 2nd saloons, either diagram 23 or 24 will be available next at £30 for etchings only or £35 with castings. Postage extra. 7mm will be available shortly after. Etches only at £45, castings for these are already available from other sources. Dave at Roxey has some and
Laurie at has others listed in his catalogue.

I am trying to get the Craven outside brake finalised after that and then will be working on the 1866 3rd Brake and all 3rd for 7mm and 4mm and that early Pullman.

I am about to send for another set of numberplates so if these are wanted please email me.

Prices quoted are those at September 2008 and may have to increase in the future.

Cheers for now



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