Tuesday, March 23, 2021

4mm Inside Motion parts for Slaughter Goods

 I finally got the Slaughter Goods inside motion drawn in a way that they will print consistently. There are four parts; left hand (a) and right hand (b) slidebars, which have the ram pump on their outer side; the valves (c) in the centre with their eccentric rods and links and connection to the underside of the boiler; and the lifting links and weighshaft (d) and weight that attaches to the front of the motion plate. The lifting links on this loco attached to the top of the eccentrics quadrants.

This shows the four parts in roughly their correct orientation, the valve rods should be slightly lower and the eccentrics slightly higher.

These are b, c, d and a from the top.
You can, hopefully, see that the right hand crank drive is above the axle with the driveshaft towards the rear of the slidebars and the left hand crank drive is in front of the axle with the driveshaft nearer the front of the slidebars. The eccentrics are also in differing positions so the quadrants are slightly out of alignment when viewed from the side. The weighshaft has the bearings on the shaft and these can be affixed to the front of the motion plate. The assembly should be able to be fitted from the top and bottom of a running chassis. The parts could be glued together and then attached to the insides of the frames using the pump valves and the cranks and eccentrics can rest on top of the axle.
Very difficult to photograph!
£10 a set including UK postage. 

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