Sunday, October 17, 2021

What I have been up to whilst battling with a nasty bout of Tinnitus - Craven 153 and Cudworth Goods

 Having had a few months of really awful racket in my head that really affected thought processes etc, I started a few weeks ago to manage a bit of time on the 3D graphics. It started with a half hour at a time and has gradually increased to about two hours before I just have to stop and do something completely different.

In March  showed the Slaughter Goods in 7mm, a trial etch and 3D resin printed parts. I am hoping to be able to start the trial etch assembly soon - Tinnitus really doesn't help here - so I realised in the meantime that the wheelbase was the same for some of the other 'Standard' Goods. One of which had a Cudworth coal burning firebox - eight foot long!!

This is a first go at a 4mm scale print, it works in 7mm also!
I have been looking at all the parts and thought this was probably too many and the split for the tender should be like the loco.
I have yet to adjust these drawings as I went on to the Craven single 153/4. This has now been drawn in Stroudley condition with lots of parts already on the body leaving the handrails and lamp irons to be added. 

This is the 4mm and 7mm scale versions. They are two part prints for the body in one piece and outside frames with footplate as the other, for both the loco and tender. 

I have to adjust the tender drawing to print the top piece curving down at the front as per the Cudworth Goods tender. The drawing is correct, there seems to be some error in the slicing file that I cannot resolve so am about to remove that bit and redraw it in a different way. I have split them so that the springs are with the footplate and lower part. The upper print has all the parts for the body apart from the reverser which would need to be glued on to the cab floor.
I still intend to get the Craven version to be available also.

This is the photo of the 7mm Craven version as I built it at the start of the pandemic. The smokebox is different, along with a few other things. I intend to print this in the same style but with provision for the face of the driving wheel splasher to be etched.

So, some thoughts from you all please. Should I continue with the 3D printed, almost everything as one piece but split in a way that suits painting OR would you prefer to have an etched kit with a few parts in the 3D resin as I have developed above?
The chassis would need to be etched, as per the 153 photo showing the two part prints. 

Cheers, Ian


Unknown said...

Hi Ian. glad your once again able to play trains. I have tinnitus in my left ear screaming at the moment. Bloody annoying.
The only problem I see is the tender hand rails and the loco safety valves being very delicate and easily broken. Etched parts maybe a better way ?



Ian said...

Hi Al,
Yes I was thinking a bit along those lines and would probably include some parts on an etch.
Cheers, Ian