Wednesday, March 17, 2021

7mm Craven Slaughter Standard Goods being developed

 I think many of you know I am designing and making more in 7mm scale nowadays and have been wanting to re-scale the 4mm Craven Slaughter Standard Goods for a while.

Here is a photo of the etches and some of the 3D resin parts for the 7mm version.

There are still a few parts of the 3D designing to do. One major part that I was unhappy with was the dome, safety valves and levers unit. I have now redesigned this to be made up of four parts as follows.

I have just pushed these parts together for a photograph, no glue yet. I am a great deal happier with this aspect now.

So, now for a test build and write the instructions.

I am awaiting some wheels for the loco so will start on the tender and probably publish it on RMWeb with a few shots here also.

Cheers, Ian

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