Monday, March 01, 2021

Hornby 4 wheeler accessorising


Foot board and guards lower footboard

Footboard for non-brake vehicles

Hornby have provided us with brilliant renditions of near Stroudley carriages that are let down by, in my eyes, two main things: the grab handles and the footboards.
I have designed and printed these two types of footboards to be a quick super glue addition. 
One piece printed footboards for non-brake vehicles; £4 a set. One piece footboards for brake vehicles with lower footboard; £6 a set.
See later about grab handles. Roxey are available.

I have also designed a 4 wheel sprung underframe etch that fits the Hornby carriages beautifully, along with 3D printed 6 foot or 7 foot axlebox spring units and buffer sets, either one piece or two. A short length of spring wire is needed to operate the springing units.
The etch plus EITHER 6 foot OR 7 foot 3D printed axlebox and spring units with a set of one piece buffers is £12. Two part buffers instead of the one piece for an extra £2 or £4 a set if ordered separately.
3D printed Guards lower footboard set £3 if ordered with a chassis etch or £6 if separate.

I have also drawn up 9 spoke wheel centres - these are fitted to MGW P4 wheel tyres as shown, the first attempt to the right and the current, slimmer type, to the left. I haven't been able to try these on Alan Gibson wheelsets yet as I haven't got any! A set of four 3D printed centres for £4, you provide the tyres and axles.
The 3D printed grab handles are shown on the Hornby 1st class carriage above which is sitting on one of my etched chassis. These grab handles have either a base printed at 45 or 90 degrees, suitable for whichever situation, as required. They just superglue into position, very easily, if you have a small pair of tweezers to hold them! These are a pig to get printed so I would only be persuaded to sell these if people twist both my arms. Roxey's etched brass ones are available.

Postage would need to be extra for all the above. £2.50 minimum as they would need to be large letter postal rate due to the thickness of parts.

I intend to get some other Hornby carriages accessorised in the next few days so this blog will be updated when there are some other photos to show.

Cheers, Ian


Jack said...

Hello Ian,

These look fantastic! What is the process for ordering some of these parts from you?


Ian said...

Hi Jack
Many thanks. Sorry I have only just seen this comment. Drop an email to and I'll get in contact.
Cheers Ian