Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thomas Potter masterpiece uses E B Models, 7mm etches, 3D printed parts, numberplates, lining and name transfers

 Thomas Potter published these pictures last week on Facebook. He has built the 7mm Grosvenor etches, used the 3D resin printed parts for the loco and tender then painted it and finished it off using EB Models numberplate, name and lining transfers.

Fantastic to see someone putting them all together! Many thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Ian

In the meantime, I am still experimenting with 3D printing and have recently printed this early Pullman. More in the next few months.

Saturday, December 04, 2021



Virtually all numberplates are available in 4mm and 7mm scales.  Correct style works plate included. £6 for 4mm £9 for 7mm includes postage to UK address.

Friday, November 26, 2021

3D parts for D1 in 7mm and 4mm scales

 Just started to put together an old 7mm Albion Models D1 tank and found I haven't got all the castings, so decided to draw and print my own. Also, as I now have a higher resolution printer, I printed them at 4mm scale as well as 7mm scale. I see I haven't included the 4mm springs but the rest are there.

Parts drawn are:

1. Motion drop in with early style pump. 2. Cab backhead, splashers and reversing gear. 3. Cab rear with brake, coal door, sandbox/toolbox, dampers. 4. Chimney. 5. Cylinder cover and angle plate. 6. Dome with safety valves. 7. Whistle. 8. tank top exhaust steam dome. 9. Clack valves. 10 Cab roof. 11. tank top water fillers. 12. Can/guard communicator. 13. Cab Steam/Brake pressure gauges. 14. Smokebox door and dart. 15. Lower firebox/ashpan sides, front and rear. 16. Sandbox filler caps. 17. Smokebox front cylinder screw lubricators. 18. Front wheel lubricator oil boxes. 19. Smokebox LHS and RHS lubricator/blower controls. 20. Brake blocks for leading and driving wheels. 21. Brake blocks for trailing wheel. 22. Westinghouse pump. 23. Leading wheel leaf springs. 24. Driving wheel volute springs. 25. Trailing wheel leaf springs.

4mm to left, 7mm to right.

I have just realised I didn't print the 4mm loco springs. 

I aim to produce a set for the E1 also as I have a couple of them to build as well.

Cheers, Ian

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Can you tell what it is yet?


Just started to add all the rivets on the framing. More in a while!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

What I have been up to whilst battling with a nasty bout of Tinnitus - Craven 153 and Cudworth Goods

 Having had a few months of really awful racket in my head that really affected thought processes etc, I started a few weeks ago to manage a bit of time on the 3D graphics. It started with a half hour at a time and has gradually increased to about two hours before I just have to stop and do something completely different.

In March  showed the Slaughter Goods in 7mm, a trial etch and 3D resin printed parts. I am hoping to be able to start the trial etch assembly soon - Tinnitus really doesn't help here - so I realised in the meantime that the wheelbase was the same for some of the other 'Standard' Goods. One of which had a Cudworth coal burning firebox - eight foot long!!

This is a first go at a 4mm scale print, it works in 7mm also!
I have been looking at all the parts and thought this was probably too many and the split for the tender should be like the loco.
I have yet to adjust these drawings as I went on to the Craven single 153/4. This has now been drawn in Stroudley condition with lots of parts already on the body leaving the handrails and lamp irons to be added. 

This is the 4mm and 7mm scale versions. They are two part prints for the body in one piece and outside frames with footplate as the other, for both the loco and tender. 

I have to adjust the tender drawing to print the top piece curving down at the front as per the Cudworth Goods tender. The drawing is correct, there seems to be some error in the slicing file that I cannot resolve so am about to remove that bit and redraw it in a different way. I have split them so that the springs are with the footplate and lower part. The upper print has all the parts for the body apart from the reverser which would need to be glued on to the cab floor.
I still intend to get the Craven version to be available also.

This is the photo of the 7mm Craven version as I built it at the start of the pandemic. The smokebox is different, along with a few other things. I intend to print this in the same style but with provision for the face of the driving wheel splasher to be etched.

So, some thoughts from you all please. Should I continue with the 3D printed, almost everything as one piece but split in a way that suits painting OR would you prefer to have an etched kit with a few parts in the 3D resin as I have developed above?
The chassis would need to be etched, as per the 153 photo showing the two part prints. 

Cheers, Ian

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

4mm Inside Motion parts for Slaughter Goods

 I finally got the Slaughter Goods inside motion drawn in a way that they will print consistently. There are four parts; left hand (a) and right hand (b) slidebars, which have the ram pump on their outer side; the valves (c) in the centre with their eccentric rods and links and connection to the underside of the boiler; and the lifting links and weighshaft (d) and weight that attaches to the front of the motion plate. The lifting links on this loco attached to the top of the eccentrics quadrants.

This shows the four parts in roughly their correct orientation, the valve rods should be slightly lower and the eccentrics slightly higher.

These are b, c, d and a from the top.
You can, hopefully, see that the right hand crank drive is above the axle with the driveshaft towards the rear of the slidebars and the left hand crank drive is in front of the axle with the driveshaft nearer the front of the slidebars. The eccentrics are also in differing positions so the quadrants are slightly out of alignment when viewed from the side. The weighshaft has the bearings on the shaft and these can be affixed to the front of the motion plate. The assembly should be able to be fitted from the top and bottom of a running chassis. The parts could be glued together and then attached to the insides of the frames using the pump valves and the cranks and eccentrics can rest on top of the axle.
Very difficult to photograph!
£10 a set including UK postage. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

7mm Craven Slaughter Standard Goods being developed

 I think many of you know I am designing and making more in 7mm scale nowadays and have been wanting to re-scale the 4mm Craven Slaughter Standard Goods for a while.

Here is a photo of the etches and some of the 3D resin parts for the 7mm version.

There are still a few parts of the 3D designing to do. One major part that I was unhappy with was the dome, safety valves and levers unit. I have now redesigned this to be made up of four parts as follows.

I have just pushed these parts together for a photograph, no glue yet. I am a great deal happier with this aspect now.

So, now for a test build and write the instructions.

I am awaiting some wheels for the loco so will start on the tender and probably publish it on RMWeb with a few shots here also.

Cheers, Ian