Monday, August 28, 2023

Small magnets solve a problem - in 7mm scale at least!


I located some 1.5mm diameter magnets which are almost the size of the spring supports on Belgravia. So, in 7mm scale, at least, this allows me to continue modelling some earlier locos as 3D printed resin offerings. 

Still working on completing a selection to bring to the AGM. 

This, the latest version of the Dapol Terrier, put alongside to check buffer heights etc. I still can't get my head around how small a Terrier is!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Craven Standard Passenger 2-4-0 no. 174 in Craven condition.

 After the Spring meeting of the Brighton Circle at Patcham, I started to draw up some combinations of 3D printing with some etched parts. I tried the G class Stroudley single first but apart from the chassis, the other parts looked better being in the 3D printed resin. I tried both. 

This is the next. It is one of three Craven 'standard' 2-4-0 passenger locomotives. This is 174, the Lewes boiler explosion loco, but in earlier, Craven condition, for now. 

I tried adding other details as an experiment, as I have seen others printing the handrails etc as well. It seems to have worked okay and it allows the linkage for the cylinder cocks (?) to be included easily, and I have attempted some other gubbins at the cab front.. This is on the first of the chassis, other than the G Class, and I had also included the cab front but etched it too small so I have done that in resin also. I need to bed the side sheet/splasher etch down to fit properly, its just placed there to see at the moment. And the side rods need cleaning up - just soldered together to ensure it all looked okay. Now to draw parts for the motion, ashpan etc to put on the chassis etch.

There are two other types of 2-4-0 I have etched the chassis and some body parts for - the Beyer Peacock and the Dubs. 

The photos also show etched parts for the body of Sussex and the lower photo shows the 3D printed Sussex body and tender which I will attempt to modify slightly as well to use the etched cab and splashers and maybe the smokebox front.

Lastly, the photo above shows the etched parts for the body of Dieppe, both Craven and Stroudley versions. So I shall attempt to modify the 3D parts for these also.

I shall also be talking to a couple of casters about domes and safety valves in brass but at approx £25 each, I'm not so sure.

I persevered with the G class and inside frame tender, I kept tweaking it until they both printed perfectly, it took six failures! I am painting one of these at the moment to then see how much tweaking my home produced two layer transfers will take to complete it all.

Anyway, time to get to some modelling now as I am building a layout as well as carriages and other stock.

Cheers, Ian

Friday, June 23, 2023

7mm mostly 3D printed loco and tender

 I have been fiddling around with many things to do with 7mm LB&SCR models and this is the latest. Not quite perfect but an etched chassis under both and a 3D printed body with separate parts. Looking promising so I shall carry on and see if I can get it finished in time for Stafford Gauge 0 Guild show in September, along with many other things!

Monday, April 17, 2023

7mm scale 1881 train, first trial prints

 A first go at trialling this in 7mm scale. Looking promising but quite a bit still to do.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Interior fitments completed!

 Looking at all the separate parts, I thought I could incorporate the louvred screens into the end lockers so have done so, and drew up the Faure accumulators and the partitions separating the luggage and the servants from the 'toffs'!

The source material for the designs came from these two sheets, the ILN sketches show the servings area as well as suggesting that the luggage windows may be frosted? Certainly the top lights had an etched design on them so I will attempt to do that and print white on the OHP acetate as shown below somewhere.

Just printing another version of the bogies out to see if I have sorted the bowing strip around the bottom and then I will start printing in 7mm scale. Hope you like it! Cheers, Ian

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Starting the luxurious interiors

 Almost all the parts designed and printed and just placed on the underframe/floor units to double check sizes and quantities. A few more bits to go yet!

This is looking at either set of ends showing the beefed up railings on the balconies, the buffers and steps (fitted on wires) at the luggage end; some of the panelled entrance way areas hiding the toilets and stove, the louvred panels to fit behind the toilet and stove windows and the buffet.

The swivel chairs don't stand up on their own at present as they are back heavy. They are correctly proportioned at present so I think I will leave them as is but they will have to be glued strongly to the floor unit. 

As you can probably see, I have designed and printed the floor/underframe unit as half length. This allows me to print them on a smaller printer whilst the bodies are printed on the larger printer. 

I can see now what else is required to be designed and printed before these can be offered to others. I will update as and when. Cheers, Ian

Friday, March 10, 2023

First try at the underframe.

 This is a first go at the underframe in 4mm. Printed in two halves straight on the build plate. I have had to file off a load of the 'elephants foot' and have created a lot of dust , as you can see! Everything just placed together. Looks like the bufferbeam will be a separate fitting as that and the buffer bodies haven't printed at all well; and the handrails are too thin for the open end so they need redrawing a bit thicker.

I do think it is starting to look like a model of the real car so I'll carry on and see where I get to in the next few days!