Thursday, March 16, 2023

Starting the luxurious interiors

 Almost all the parts designed and printed and just placed on the underframe/floor units to double check sizes and quantities. A few more bits to go yet!

This is looking at either set of ends showing the beefed up railings on the balconies, the buffers and steps (fitted on wires) at the luggage end; some of the panelled entrance way areas hiding the toilets and stove, the louvred panels to fit behind the toilet and stove windows and the buffet.

The swivel chairs don't stand up on their own at present as they are back heavy. They are correctly proportioned at present so I think I will leave them as is but they will have to be glued strongly to the floor unit. 

As you can probably see, I have designed and printed the floor/underframe unit as half length. This allows me to print them on a smaller printer whilst the bodies are printed on the larger printer. 

I can see now what else is required to be designed and printed before these can be offered to others. I will update as and when. Cheers, Ian

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