Wednesday, March 08, 2023

5th December 1881 Pullman Limited

 Maud, Victoria, Beatrice and Louise.

Hot off the 3D printer are the one piece body parts for the 4mm scale 1881 Pullman Limited. Also a first try at the 8' bogie.

The end panel of the outer two cars is just positioned with bluetac at present. I need to beef up a couple of areas of the bogie.

The bogie has a thin strip from the corners to and between the bottom of the w-irons. This needs increasing in thickness so it will print properly. I may offer the bogies in slightly different configurations so they could be attached to a brass inner part for instance. 

There are basically two types of Pullman car here, the centre two and the outer two. The outer two have a luggage area at the extreme ends of the close couple set. 

This is the end luggage cars.

This is the centre cars.

Obviously, I still have to sort out the underframe/floor parts and the furniture within. 

I thought people might be interested to see the current status. 

Now to try some 7mm prints!

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