Friday, March 17, 2023

Interior fitments completed!

 Looking at all the separate parts, I thought I could incorporate the louvred screens into the end lockers so have done so, and drew up the Faure accumulators and the partitions separating the luggage and the servants from the 'toffs'!

The source material for the designs came from these two sheets, the ILN sketches show the servings area as well as suggesting that the luggage windows may be frosted? Certainly the top lights had an etched design on them so I will attempt to do that and print white on the OHP acetate as shown below somewhere.

Just printing another version of the bogies out to see if I have sorted the bowing strip around the bottom and then I will start printing in 7mm scale. Hope you like it! Cheers, Ian


Sue Rose said...

Looks great, when can I put in orders in 4mm for underframes and loose chairs.

Ian said...

Hi Sue
Still have to sort out close coupling and bogie mounts then should be good to go. Cheers, Ian