Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Craven Standard Passenger 2-4-0 no. 174 in Craven condition.

 After the Spring meeting of the Brighton Circle at Patcham, I started to draw up some combinations of 3D printing with some etched parts. I tried the G class Stroudley single first but apart from the chassis, the other parts looked better being in the 3D printed resin. I tried both. 

This is the next. It is one of three Craven 'standard' 2-4-0 passenger locomotives. This is 174, the Lewes boiler explosion loco, but in earlier, Craven condition, for now. 

I tried adding other details as an experiment, as I have seen others printing the handrails etc as well. It seems to have worked okay and it allows the linkage for the cylinder cocks (?) to be included easily, and I have attempted some other gubbins at the cab front.. This is on the first of the chassis, other than the G Class, and I had also included the cab front but etched it too small so I have done that in resin also. I need to bed the side sheet/splasher etch down to fit properly, its just placed there to see at the moment. And the side rods need cleaning up - just soldered together to ensure it all looked okay. Now to draw parts for the motion, ashpan etc to put on the chassis etch.

There are two other types of 2-4-0 I have etched the chassis and some body parts for - the Beyer Peacock and the Dubs. 

The photos also show etched parts for the body of Sussex and the lower photo shows the 3D printed Sussex body and tender which I will attempt to modify slightly as well to use the etched cab and splashers and maybe the smokebox front.

Lastly, the photo above shows the etched parts for the body of Dieppe, both Craven and Stroudley versions. So I shall attempt to modify the 3D parts for these also.

I shall also be talking to a couple of casters about domes and safety valves in brass but at approx £25 each, I'm not so sure.

I persevered with the G class and inside frame tender, I kept tweaking it until they both printed perfectly, it took six failures! I am painting one of these at the moment to then see how much tweaking my home produced two layer transfers will take to complete it all.

Anyway, time to get to some modelling now as I am building a layout as well as carriages and other stock.

Cheers, Ian

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