Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Craven Locos

 First time on a modified EBModels Dieppe chassis and a modified Slaughter Goods Tender chassis. This is the 1864 Robert Stephenson single in original condition - well, as far as we know! I have used the GA as I haven't seen a photo of one in original condition. 

So, this will be coming to the EBModels range some time this year,

There is a Slaters SG29 motor and gearbox on the driving wheel. It all fitted.

Everything is printed as one piece, the chassis has been modified to stop at the front of the cylinders so the gap ahead of them is scale width. This is a first trial without any suspension/compensation yet. I can start working that all out now I know the initial ideas work. 

But while I had most of it drawn, it seemed sensible to do Dieppe herself. The body has been modified as per photos and also the tender now has different springs and toolboxes etc. I need to reprint with a couple more supports on the base of the clack valve and Westinghouse pump as they aren't correct here. But the pipework all worked for the pump! This is sitting on the same chassis as the Craven version above. 

I am awaiting new etches so I can sort out the brakes and other bits still missing. There are other 3D printed parts all ready but not yet shown.

I will also look at a version of Drayton & Portsmouth also with the different axlebox pattern front and rear and salter springs on the dome and not on the Firebox and a few other changes. .

As you can imagine, there is a lot still to sort out but I thought I should show where I am starting from. Hoping to have something a bit further on at the Spring meeting and will be looking at the 4mm version next.

 And I can get working on the 4mm version of 153, finalise the 7mm bits and the Slaughter Goods in 7mm needs to be restarted. 

Hope to be able to put some more up in a few weeks. Cheers, Ian 

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